High Handicappers Need The Right Golf Ball

The Right Golf Ball

If you are like most golfers, then you struggle with losing your ball to the right. Yes, you are a slicer and it is killing your golf game. You are not alone because this is the most common problem in golf. From a swing theory perspective you are doing a few things wrong and learning how to draw the ball and then going back to a neutral setup might help you. Another fix might be finding a good ball for a high handicapper who slices the ball to the right.

A ball that would help you with that issue would have to be a low spin ball because you already have too much spin and your balls end up off course. It might sound simple but it is not. There is a lot of technology behind choosing the right golf ball for your impact conditions. Pros spend a lot of time on launch monitors zeroing their habits and choosing the right equipment and equipment adjustment to get the best results. If there is anything that you should copy from the pros that is it– Adjusting and learning your tendencies and using this data to become a better golfer.

Something as simple as the right golf ball will help your game. It won’t shave 10 strokes off your handicap but it will give you something that you currently do not have and that is control. Control is everything in golf and most of us do not have the type of short game it requires to play bomb and pray golf. We just can’t get up and down like the pros do to play that style of golf.

If you want to see immediate improvement in your game, then look into playing the right ball for your skill level.

Golf Shoes For Walking

Golf Shoes For Walking are here

Not all golf shoes are created the same. The same shoes that feel great when you are riding a cart around the course, might be awful when you decide to walk the course. This is why if you decide to walk instead of ride, you need to find the right shoes for the job. It isn’t like you can just look at a shoe and know that it is up for the job or not up for it. You need to look for shoes that are specifically created for walkers but sometimes that information is hard to find.

When that information is a bit hard to find, you still have a weapon. That weapon is other people and the experiences that the have had with various golf shoes. The best way to find this information is via testimonies and reviews. You can find these just about anywhere online where golf shoes are sold. It is wise to read through these reviews and see what they have to say about the shoes comfort and how they feel to walk 18 holes in. You will quickly find that some shoes will work and some shoes will not work for you.

This is the power of buying online, not only are the prices and inventory better, you will also find great reviews from everyday people who are just like you. Spend your time reading these reviews and you are sure to find the perfect golf shoes to walk the course in. Also look at manufacturer’s suggestions because they will often tell you what a shoe is best for.

Look around our site and you are sure to find the perfect shoe because we have already done a lot of research on this subject and we are sure that we have a shoe that you will enjoy wearing.

Why You Need to Wear the Best Golf Gloves

Wear the Best Golf GlovesNowadays, people tend to belittle the importance of wearing a good golf glove. They tend to think that it is not important and try to save money on it. But wearing a good golf glove can make a lot of difference when you are playing golf. Here are some important factors you should consider in order to choose the best golf gloves.

Does the glove help to prevent blisters?

One important reason why people wear gloves when playing golf is to prevent blisters. As you are constantly swinging the golf stick, it is inevitable that there would be some friction between your hands and the stick. Therefore it is important to find a glove that can help you to prevent this from happening.

Does the glove help you to get a better grip?

A better grip can mean a lot of difference in your maximum power when swinging the golf stick. A lot of people do not believe this at first and you might be the same. You can easily borrow a glove from your friend or someone else to see whether there is any difference a not before deciding whether to buy a golf glove.

Does the glove helps in hot or cold weather?

There are golf gloves that are made for either hot or cold weather. The gloves made for cold weather are usually thicker and keep your hands warm. The gloves for hot weather usually tend to be able to redirect heat away from your hands and allow your hands more space to breathe more comfortably.

These are just 3 important questions you should ask yourself when choosing the best golf gloves. There are of course other questions you ought to ask such as the price and durability but they are secondary when there are so many options out there for you to choose from.